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Our Overall Rating:

Manufacturer’s Retail Price = $329.95

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Though this is a Mosquito Magnet review site, we thought it would be helpful to include a review from a highly-rated mosquito trap competitor.

The SkeeterVac models from Blue Rhino are not only comparable to Mosquito Magnets in terms of effectiveness, but some owners would even give them the nod over Magnets in terms of reliability, durability, and upkeep (more bang for the buck).

The SkeeterVac Eliminator SV3100 is the most popular Blue Rhino model and for good reason. With a full acre of coverage, this particular model outperforms the Mosquito Magnet Defender though it is slightly more expensive.

There aren’t many drawbacks to the Eliminator – in fact, the five-star rating is well deserved and is a cost-efficient alternative to the Mosquito Magnet Executive (highest-rated Magnet model) though it may not have as many bells and whistles as the Executive.

We’ve meticulously combed through dozens of real users’ experiences and testimonials regarding the Eliminator to give you the good AND the bad…and we’ve summarized those findings below.

Note: This is a Mosquito Magnet reviews site. Click here for the actual Blue Rhino SkeeterVac Eliminator product page.

The Good
  • Effective Mosquito Trapper – the Eliminator may not eliminate quite as many mosquitoes as the comparable Mosquito Magnet Executive model, but it is certainly an effective mosquito trap with a positive track record.
  • Up to 1-Acre of Coverage – like the MM Liberty Plus and Executive, the Eliminator boasts a full acre of coverage (and is cordless).
  • Lightweight / Easy to Setup – at 19 pounds, the Eliminator is markedly lighter than comparable Mosquito Magnet models but ultra-durable. Set up out of the box is also a cinch.
  • Great Customer Service – it is well documented that Skeeter Vac owners are very pleased with the helpful support and customer service from Blue Rhino should any problems arise.
The Bad
  • Maintenance – for whatever reason, maintenance and upkeep with propane tanks and the Octenol attractant adds up a little quicker than with comparable Mosquito Magnet models making the models a little more expensive in the long run (but less problems with durability)
  • Propane Tank Sold Separately – unlike Mosquito Magnet traps which are essentially ready to go out of the box, you will have to do your homework and make sure you have everything you need before setting up your Eliminator.

Most Helpful User Testimonials:

Dane L. – Wyoming:

I bought a SkeeterVac and I’m very happy with it. I live in Wyoming surrounded by farm lands and irrigation canals and before I bought this unit I was unable to go outside in the morning or evening. It hasn’t totally eliminated the mosquito problem but has made it so I can use my deck again. I had a problem with the motor restarting when I changed the propane bottle and the company was VERY helpful. Good product and good company.

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Miller – Florida:

It is rather expensive to purchase and maintain but it was worth it to me. I now can go outside in the evening and not have to worry about making an appointment at the local blood bank for a transfusion. If you can get past the initial cost and up-keep you will not regret this purchase.

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Final Verdict:

Of all the mosquito traps we have reviewed on this site, the Blue Rhino Eliminator is second only to the Mosquito Magnet Executive in terms of effectiveness and reliability. With a full acre of cordless coverage and the low investment cost, the Eliminator deserves the highest-rating that we can give.

The only knocks on the Eliminator (in our opinion) is that maintenance costs add up and it can be troublesome to find all the parts you need in one place.

We give the SkeeterVac Eliminator an overall rating of:

Manufacturer’s Retail Price = $329.95

Amazon Sale Price: $290.89

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